Final concert One Music

Final concert One Music

Thank you to all the participants who shared the joy of music with us on 17.4.2024!

The One Music program was created as a dream come true for two world artists and friends, Miloš Valent and Bjarte Eike, who dreamed for more than 20 years to create a music program with their ensembles that would take them to all parts of the world, especially Slovakia, Norway, Scandinavia and Europe.

We heard pieces from the repertoire of early music, but also new pieces inspired by minority music.

The concerts throughout the duration of the One Music project have been a success in Slovakia, Norway and the Czech Republic.

However, activities with young people were also an important part of the project – in workshops, musicians shared their experiences with young artists from various art schools – ZUŠ, conservatories.

Young documentary filmmakers as well as photographers were also present at many of our activities and we believe that they convincingly captured the creative and friendly atmosphere of this project.

Here are the photos that will take us to the final concert of the One Music project:

Album Final concert

Notes from the press conference and premiere of One Music movie

Notes from the press conference and premiere of One Music movie

Thank you to all participants of the One Music press conference, that took place 16.4.2024, for their interest!

Thanks also to the Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic and the EEA and Norway Grants for their support throughout the project.

At the conference we discussed with the most knowledgeable people:

Miloš Valent, director of the ensemble Solamente naturali

Bjarte Eike, artistic director of the ensemble Barokksolistene

Jon Balke a Miško Paľko, music composers

Tereza Smetanová, director of the film Music through time

Vladimír Yurkovič, photographer and author of the exhibition One Music

The press conference also included the premiere of the film Music through time, which aims to introduce the audience to the creation of the One Music programme. The documentary captures early music, the search in the archives of Slovak and Norwegian towns, the processing of this music into its present form, the work with composers and other themes.


Concert for Fajnorka

Concert for Fajnorka

Together with the students of the Secondary School of Mechanical Engineering in Bratislava, we enjoyed the popular flying melodies of the One Music concert on the 22nd of February 2024.

In addition to playing favourite tunes for them, we explained some music theory and introduced them to lesser-known musical instruments. We were delighted with their interest and enthusiasm, and we’re happy to have been able to share our musical knowledge with this fantastic group of young people.

We would like to thank the Secondary School of Mechanical Engineering for the opportunity to play for them. Many thanks also to Martin Vanek for accompanying us during the concert.

We are already looking forward to more concerts for schools!

Workshop and concert with students of the Grieg Academy

Workshop and concert with students of the Grieg Academy

The music project One Music has joined forces with the young, talented students of the Grieg Academy in Bergen. The musicians met in a workshop, which was followed by a concert for the public.

The workshop, which took place on October 3, 2023, was not only about the technical aspects of music, but also about the creative process and the exchange of cultural influences. The students met musicians who have broken into the world music scenes, while at the same time sharing their own perspectives on music making. The atmosphere was charged with energy and enthusiasm.

The result of the workshop was presented to the public at the Grieg Academy during a joint concert on 4 October 2023. The One Music Project concert was not only a showcase of musical art, but also a symbol of the coming together of generations and cultures. The students left their own mark on the performance, bringing a fresh new perspective to the music.

Their dedication and talent were at the forefront as they engaged in solos and solo parts, giving the concert a distinctive character. The audience responded enthusiastically, as evidenced by the addition of 2 encores.

The uniqueness of this project lay not only in the musical experience, but also in the creative exchange between the students and the professional musicians. Thus, One Music not only highlighted the importance of fostering young musical talent, but also demonstrated the power of combining different musical perspectives.

Norwegian debut of One Music: Concert in Bergen

Norwegian debut of One Music: Concert in Bergen

The charming town of Bergen on the west coast of Norway recently hosted a major event – the Norwegian premiere of One Music. The scenic beauty of the city served as a fitting backdrop for this musical journey.

One Music, a joint project involving renowned music ensembles from Slovakia and Norway, made its first appearance in Norway with not one, but two extraordinary concerts.

The first concert at the beginning of our journey in Norway took place on October 2 in the enchanting surroundings of Litteraturhuset. The concert was proof that music can transcend borders and bring people from different backgrounds together. The combination of Slovak and Norwegian musical traditions created a unique and lively sound tapestry that captured the hearts of the audience.

The One Music programme is not only about music but also about fostering connections and creating links between cultures and individuals. In Bergen, it was evident that the universal language of music has the ability to bring people together and bridge differences regardless of nationality or language.

One Music’s debut in Norway was a huge success and left an indelible mark in the hearts of the audience and performers alike. It serves as a reminder that music knows no borders and has the power to inspire and bring people together in harmony.

What we took away from Bergen were memories of remarkable performances and the knowledge that the language of music will continue to unite nations, just as it did during this unforgettable journey in Norway. We look forward to more musical adventures and cultural exchanges!