The basic preparation of material for the project is closely connected with the search for the vanished old culture, which is hidden in archives in Slovakia as well as in Central Europe (long-term research of the Jewish musical culture of the composer Michal Paľko) with the aim of making it accessible to the public.

If until now we had 3-4 publicly known collections, also processed in specialized literature, to choose from, now a far greater space is opening up, because of the possibility to visit and look into other archives that we have already visited (the State Archive in Trnava, the Evangelical Library in Kežmarok, Tønsberg) and many more we plan to visit. Many musical documents have not yet been processed, so there is a high probability of finding compositions and new contexts hitherto obscured for us.

To the core collections housed in the Literary Archive of the National Library in Martin (Uhrovec Collection 1720 and II. Uhrovec Collection 1742, Annae Szirmay Keczer Collection) we can thus gradually add other unknown music collections from the 18th century – Barkoczy Collection, Trenčín Collection, Collection of Dances from Trnava 1-3, Pestini and collections from Kežmarok – Julia Knieszner, AE Collection.