In the first week of May 2023, the small ECAV church on Panenska Street in Bratislava hosted both ensembles to rehearse undisturbed the upcoming musical programme One music. This time the rehearsals took place under the supervision of the most competent – composers Jon Balke from Norway and Michal Paľko from Slovakia, authors of two compositions from the One music programme.

Jon Balke’s composition for One music was based on early music from Slovakia.
“When I approached Jon asking if he would compose a piece with Norwegian motifs for us, he declined with words, that I should send him some old Slovak music in which he sings, so that I could sing at the concert and to sing at the concert. So we will sing at the concert,” says Miloš Valent, artistic director, with a smile Solamente naturali.

On the third day, the ensembles changed the venue and from the morning they rehearsed in the Centre of Culture in Lozorno also under Michal Paľko, who composed a piece with Jewish motifs for One music. The rehearsals were held in the spirit of a joint search for the right expression, or the place of arrival of the individual instruments, which are represented in the One music programme quite a lot – violin, electric violin, viola, harpsichord, keyboard, cimbalom, double bass, cello, ukulele, flutes, drums and singing. Each rehearsal represented a new creative process in which each of the members of both ensembles. Its unique atmosphere, enhanced by the space of the Malý kostol, the rehearsal also captivated the young documentary filmmakers, who captured it in a forthcoming documentary.