The Secondary Vocational School of Hairdressing and Make-up Artistry, Svätoplukova 2, in Bratislava welcomed members of Solamente naturali in its premises as part of the One music concerts for secondary vocational schools.

The concert of classical music was held at the school for the first time. The concert, entitled “Melodies Fly”, brought old music from three hundred years ago, as well as melodies by contemporary composer Daniel Matej.

Miloš Valent (violin) with his words opened up an unknown world of early music to the students and their teachers. Other members of the ensemble Jan Rokyta (cimbalom, whistles), Jan Kružliak (violin, zlobcoky, electric violin), Peter Vrbinčík (viola, zlobcoky) and Jan Prevozník (violone) presented old musical instruments that the audience had never heard before. This extraordinary concert grabbed the hearts of the attendees so much that we will certainly be happy to do it again.