As part of the prestigious music festival Viva Musica, a musical event of the One Music project took place at the Town Hall Square in Bratislava. On a summer day, the city centre was transformed into a scene full of musical passion and creativity.

Visitors of different ages and cultures gathered in this historic area to celebrate the power of music as a universal language and to watch a programme created in collaboration between the music ensembles Solamente naturali from Slovakia and Barokksolistene from Norway.

The visit to this exceptional concert was highlighted by the presence of President Zuzana Čaputová. Her presence underlined the importance of culture and art for our society. Together with the other visitors, the President was carried away by the melodies of old and new compositions, which linked different cultural heritages.

Musicians from both ensembles presented pieces that were performed in new and unusual arrangements. They combined traditional and historical musical elements with contemporary experimental tones to create a unique musical collage. This diversity bridged the roots of Slavic and Nordic music and showed that there is truly only one music – regardless of cultural and linguistic differences.

The whole One Music project builds on this idea – that music is a unique and universal language that transcends borders and connects people regardless of their origin, nationality or culture. The concert at the Viva Musica festival was another confirmation of this beautiful and important idea, which has the ability to bring us together and bring us joy and inspiration through music.

Photos: Zdenko Hanout