This year, the Olomouc Baroque Festival kicked off its eleventh year in an unconventional way. 

The Archbishop’s Palace in Olomouc became the place where melodies and tones from the Baroque period rang out in a way that captivated not only lovers of early music, but also those who did not expect such an unconventional and energetic interpretation. 

The One Music concert featured pieces mostly from the 18th century, complemented by works by contemporary composers who follow the folk Baroque traditions and transform them with contemporary means of expression.

“One Music” is conceived as live communicative music that crosses national boundaries and creates a synergy of different ethnic groups. The music presented in Olomouc was a convincing proof that musical art is boundless and can unite us all in a single harmony. One Music left joy, satisfaction and many smiles in the souls of the audience. Long after the concert, the hall was still full thanks to the well-deserved and grateful applause that escorted the musicians off the stage after the encore.