Start of the One Music project

The vision of One Music was created much earlier, but you know how it is – it takes more than dreams to make it happen. First of all, the right partner, which for more than two decades has been the Barokksolistene ensemble from Norway and its leader Bjart Eike.

This flexible partnership will bring in other talents for specific activities in Slovakia and Norway, if needed and tailored to the needs. For more than two decades, the exceptional talents of Bjart Eike and Miloš Valent, artistic directors of Solamente Naturali and Barokksolistene, have been united by concert tours and recordings together with members of their ensembles. This new project offers a special opportunity for unusually extensive collaboration. You can read more about the whole project here.

Signature of the project cooperation on 6 February 2020 in Gothenburg:

Preparation and creation of the melody of the song: