The music project One Music has joined forces with the young, talented students of the Grieg Academy in Bergen. The musicians met in a workshop, which was followed by a concert for the public.

The workshop, which took place on October 3, 2023, was not only about the technical aspects of music, but also about the creative process and the exchange of cultural influences. The students met musicians who have broken into the world music scenes, while at the same time sharing their own perspectives on music making. The atmosphere was charged with energy and enthusiasm.

The result of the workshop was presented to the public at the Grieg Academy during a joint concert on 4 October 2023. The One Music Project concert was not only a showcase of musical art, but also a symbol of the coming together of generations and cultures. The students left their own mark on the performance, bringing a fresh new perspective to the music.

Their dedication and talent were at the forefront as they engaged in solos and solo parts, giving the concert a distinctive character. The audience responded enthusiastically, as evidenced by the addition of 2 encores.

The uniqueness of this project lay not only in the musical experience, but also in the creative exchange between the students and the professional musicians. Thus, One Music not only highlighted the importance of fostering young musical talent, but also demonstrated the power of combining different musical perspectives.