The environment and the atmosphere at the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica have had a special position among other schools since the beginning of its establishment, because students who at first contact appear shy, after a certain time of settling down, show themselves very sociable, perceptive and very concentrated when listening and asking questions.

This is how one could describe a meeting with about 40 students during the One Music Workshop, a project of two early music ensembles, Solamente naturali and Barokksolistene from Norway, in which the central theme was the dissection of an idea – where do the melodies flying around us come from, and do we capture them, arrange them, play them, often not knowing that we have found them in old collections written down 300 years ago.

Composers Michal Paľko, Daniel Matej and One Music project performers Miloš Valent and Jan Rokyta each contributed their own perspective to a rich discussion about the possibilities of approaching and processing these melodies in resonance with the world of today’s man.

The workshop took place on 18.10.2022.