Thank you to all participants of the One Music press conference, that took place 16.4.2024, for their interest!

Thanks also to the Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic and the EEA and Norway Grants for their support throughout the project.

At the conference we discussed with the most knowledgeable people:

Miloš Valent, director of the ensemble Solamente naturali

Bjarte Eike, artistic director of the ensemble Barokksolistene

Jon Balke a Miško Paľko, music composers

Tereza Smetanová, director of the film Music through time

Vladimír Yurkovič, photographer and author of the exhibition One Music

The press conference also included the premiere of the film Music through time, which aims to introduce the audience to the creation of the One Music programme. The documentary captures early music, the search in the archives of Slovak and Norwegian towns, the processing of this music into its present form, the work with composers and other themes.