In the picturesque town of Židlochovice, in the Czech Republic, the first concert of the One Music project took place, which brought an unforgettable experience for all visitors. This unique musical event, which is the result of a collaboration between the renowned musical ensembles Solamente naturali from Slovakia and Barokksolistene from Norway, was in the spirit of musical connection and creativity.

The concert event, which was part of the Music is Only One project, included compositions from both Slovak and Nordic musical heritage. Musicians from both ensembles, led by leaders Miloš Valent and Bjart Eike, created a unique musical bridge between different cultures and traditions. Their interaction and joint music making brought a new dimension to the presented programme.

The performance was held in an atmosphere of deep respect for the history and cultural heritage of both nations. Pieces from the repertoires of Solamente naturali and Barokksolistene were interspersed with new compositions by talented composers Jon Balke from Norway, Michal Paľko and Daniel Matej from Slovakia.

The unique atmosphere of the concert was not limited to the musical expression. During the evening, visitors could taste excellent Moravian wines, which enhanced the overall experience of the evening. The locals were enthusiastic and chatted enthusiastically with the artists even after the concert. The musical symphony of old and new tones, traditions and innovations, resounded in the Czech Republic and brought hope for future similar musical projects.