Norwegian debut of One Music: Concert in Bergen

Norwegian debut of One Music: Concert in Bergen

The charming town of Bergen on the west coast of Norway recently hosted a major event – the Norwegian premiere of One Music. The scenic beauty of the city served as a fitting backdrop for this musical journey.

One Music, a joint project involving renowned music ensembles from Slovakia and Norway, made its first appearance in Norway with not one, but two extraordinary concerts.

The first concert at the beginning of our journey in Norway took place on October 2 in the enchanting surroundings of Litteraturhuset. The concert was proof that music can transcend borders and bring people from different backgrounds together. The combination of Slovak and Norwegian musical traditions created a unique and lively sound tapestry that captured the hearts of the audience.

The One Music programme is not only about music but also about fostering connections and creating links between cultures and individuals. In Bergen, it was evident that the universal language of music has the ability to bring people together and bridge differences regardless of nationality or language.

One Music’s debut in Norway was a huge success and left an indelible mark in the hearts of the audience and performers alike. It serves as a reminder that music knows no borders and has the power to inspire and bring people together in harmony.

What we took away from Bergen were memories of remarkable performances and the knowledge that the language of music will continue to unite nations, just as it did during this unforgettable journey in Norway. We look forward to more musical adventures and cultural exchanges!

End of the Czech-Slovak tour in Bojnice

End of the Czech-Slovak tour in Bojnice

The One Music project brought its unique musical message to the town of Bojnice, where it finished its Czech-Slovak tour.

The premises of Bojnice Castle provided an unforgettable backdrop for this music festival. The One Music concert at the last venue of the Czech-Slovak tour did not disappoint and confirmed that music has an incredible ability to bring people together regardless of their origin, nationality or language.

Solo violinists Miloš Valent and Bjarte Eike once again impressed with their brilliant playing and transformed the castle space into a stage full of passion and energy. The ensemble of eight musicians acted as one big orchestra, whose sound captivated and appealed to all present.

The concert in Bojnice was the final highlight of the whole tour and the audience at the last stop had the privilege to experience all the musical moments and emotions this project has to offer.


One Music: Music without borders in Olomouc

One Music: Music without borders in Olomouc

This year, the Olomouc Baroque Festival kicked off its eleventh year in an unconventional way. 

The Archbishop’s Palace in Olomouc became the place where melodies and tones from the Baroque period rang out in a way that captivated not only lovers of early music, but also those who did not expect such an unconventional and energetic interpretation. 

The One Music concert featured pieces mostly from the 18th century, complemented by works by contemporary composers who follow the folk Baroque traditions and transform them with contemporary means of expression.

“One Music” is conceived as live communicative music that crosses national boundaries and creates a synergy of different ethnic groups. The music presented in Olomouc was a convincing proof that musical art is boundless and can unite us all in a single harmony. One Music left joy, satisfaction and many smiles in the souls of the audience. Long after the concert, the hall was still full thanks to the well-deserved and grateful applause that escorted the musicians off the stage after the encore.

One Music at Viva Musica: Music speaks to hearts and meeting with the president

One Music at Viva Musica: Music speaks to hearts and meeting with the president

As part of the prestigious music festival Viva Musica, a musical event of the One Music project took place at the Town Hall Square in Bratislava. On a summer day, the city centre was transformed into a scene full of musical passion and creativity.

Visitors of different ages and cultures gathered in this historic area to celebrate the power of music as a universal language and to watch a programme created in collaboration between the music ensembles Solamente naturali from Slovakia and Barokksolistene from Norway.

The visit to this exceptional concert was highlighted by the presence of President Zuzana Čaputová. Her presence underlined the importance of culture and art for our society. Together with the other visitors, the President was carried away by the melodies of old and new compositions, which linked different cultural heritages.

Musicians from both ensembles presented pieces that were performed in new and unusual arrangements. They combined traditional and historical musical elements with contemporary experimental tones to create a unique musical collage. This diversity bridged the roots of Slavic and Nordic music and showed that there is truly only one music – regardless of cultural and linguistic differences.

The whole One Music project builds on this idea – that music is a unique and universal language that transcends borders and connects people regardless of their origin, nationality or culture. The concert at the Viva Musica festival was another confirmation of this beautiful and important idea, which has the ability to bring us together and bring us joy and inspiration through music.

Photos: Zdenko Hanout

One Music concert in Židlochovice: Music unites nations

One Music concert in Židlochovice: Music unites nations

In the picturesque town of Židlochovice, in the Czech Republic, the first concert of the One Music project took place, which brought an unforgettable experience for all visitors. This unique musical event, which is the result of a collaboration between the renowned musical ensembles Solamente naturali from Slovakia and Barokksolistene from Norway, was in the spirit of musical connection and creativity.

The concert event, which was part of the Music is Only One project, included compositions from both Slovak and Nordic musical heritage. Musicians from both ensembles, led by leaders Miloš Valent and Bjart Eike, created a unique musical bridge between different cultures and traditions. Their interaction and joint music making brought a new dimension to the presented programme.

The performance was held in an atmosphere of deep respect for the history and cultural heritage of both nations. Pieces from the repertoires of Solamente naturali and Barokksolistene were interspersed with new compositions by talented composers Jon Balke from Norway, Michal Paľko and Daniel Matej from Slovakia.

The unique atmosphere of the concert was not limited to the musical expression. During the evening, visitors could taste excellent Moravian wines, which enhanced the overall experience of the evening. The locals were enthusiastic and chatted enthusiastically with the artists even after the concert. The musical symphony of old and new tones, traditions and innovations, resounded in the Czech Republic and brought hope for future similar musical projects.